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Dart Tree Consultancy approached me looking for some help in with rebuilding their website, moving it away from Wix (where they were having to spend significant amounts of money each month on Google Ads because their website ranking was so low), setting up new email accounts and working on their search engine optimisation.

This was a really rewarding project to work on and I think I did a great job in creating a nicely designed site (which works perfectly on mobiles and tablets too) which reflects Dart Tree Consultancy’s existing branding. I found and installed the fonts used in Dart Tree Consultancy’s logo, giving the site a lovely feeling of consistency. Their colour scheme is reflected throughout and ties nicely with the clean lines of the layout.
The biggest hurdle for DTC was their search engine optimisation (SEO). Their previous site was built on Wix and their organic SEO was very poor. DTC were having to spend a large amount each month on Google Ads to even be found online! I installed a local SEO plugin and worked hard on optimising the SEO each page. And I’m pleased to announce that they are now featuring highly on organic searches for tree consultancy related terms in their catchment area. It’s amazing what can be done with a bit of know-how!
One thing I learnt throughout this process was just how restrictive using website builders like Wix can be. DTC ran a few connected domains through Wix, and trying to point them or connect them to DTC’s new site was just about impossible. We ended up transferring DTC’s domains away from Wix completely. I was shocked by just how restrictive Wix are over owning content! If you run your website through Wix, I recommend to anyone who does to keep their domains separate, and not to transfer ownership to Wix. This make it much easier to move, change or edit domains when you want to, not when Wix does.
It was great to help Dart Tree Consultancy overcome some of their issues, especially around SEO, and give them a lovely responsive site to showcase their work.

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