Waypoint came to me with a lovely ask: "can you help us create an identity for our new laser combat business?" This turned into an incredible project to help Rob and Korrin with setting up their new enterprise, creating a brand which attracts customers both new and hardcore alike.

Our first task was the first task of any good designer - understand who Waypoint's audience are, what is important to them and how to appeal to them through the branding. It became apparent that I needed to create a friendly and accessible brand that appealed to new customers who haven't experienced laser combat before, but also a more 'hardcore' option to appeal to more experienced and enthusiastic laser combat fans.

The result is a flexible brand whose recognisability comes through a distinct 'triangle shape'. The triangle relates straight back to Rob's original idea of using a waypoint and way-finding to navigate, just like with map reading. I used this triangle to create mountains which form a negative space 'W' on their logo. The triangle is also used to create the 'W', 'A' and 'Y' in the 'WAYPOINT', further reinforcing the subtle use of a recognisable shape throughout the brand.

The angle of the triangle is also used to strong effect on their website and marketing material, providing a way to reinforce their brand in every asset they produce.

With the brand's strength resting in a shape rather than an image or colour palette, I could create a range of logos for Waypoint which could be used in any situation they wanted to.

I also created an illustration which Waypoint could use across their early-stage marketing materials.

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